About Us

Cadent is the premier linear television advertising network with solutions across cable, broadcast and Hispanic media. Your commercial messaging can be showcased on top networks, hit shows and best-in-class content. Cadent offers advertisers and agencies a dynamic, cost-effective alternative to traditional media networks. Efficiency, reach extension and accrued savings are part of our ROI foundation. Our platform provides visibility into your ongoing performance and verification through Nielsen ratings, MSA postings and custom reporting. Enhanced targeting capabilities are provided through a variety of research and database resources.


What we do

What we do

Cadent provides a cost-effective national television media solution for advertisers across cable, broadcast and Hispanic media. We offer data-rich media plans assembled with industry leading research, proprietary data and analytics that leverage our technology platform. In addition, our 20-year viewership history and predictive algorithmic clearance patterns assure the creation of precise media plans.

Marketplace context

Marketplace context

The Cadent platform helps our advertisers solve for the issues presented through media fragmentation, reach challenges and the need for ROI while delivering optimum content experiences. We can provide numerous strategic recommendations to add significant value to your overall television campaigns.

How we do it

How we do it

Unparalleled relationships with all MVPDs and broadcast station groups offer robust inventory opportunities. This fact combined with Cadent's technology prowess powers end-to-end solutions for advertisers. This technology efficiently consolidates commercial inventory into a full network that delivers substantial savings and results to our partners.



Cadent's senior management team has extensive Network and MVPD backgrounds and deep experience within technology, operations, sales and marketing. Recent additions include Stephanie Mitchko, CTO, and Jim Tricarico, CRO.


Complement Retail Seasonality

Increase your visibility around your key selling cycles, such as Dads/Grads, Back-to-School, Black Friday, Holiday and retail promotional tentpoles to drive your business.

Maximize Tentpole Events

Build enhanced media programs tied to your key marketing franchises.

Neutralize a Competitor

Amplify your share of voice, and neutralize a competitor’s incumbency position through strategic placement on Cadent’s National Network.

Hispanic Market

Through Cadent, you can complement your existing Hispanic media plans or gain access to this fast-growing and influential population via our 20 Hispanic Networks, including 12 of the top 15 in the Hispanic marketplace.

Reallocation Strategy

Devote and move a portion of your spend to the Cadent platform and see your reach and frequency increase while your overall CPM is reduced. Download and view the key metric gains and savings we were able to achieve for a leading retailer


Access Cost-Prohibitive Networks/Groups

Deliver your most costly Network Groups and/or individual Networks at significant efficiencies, allowing you to reinvest in other media selections or accrue savings.


Provide important broadcast GRPs and dayparts to your plan, such as early morning, evening, and late news, late night and syndication.