Data & Analytics

Data-Rich Plans

Highly targeted media plans supported by precision audience targeting. We put big data to use.

Proprietary MAESTRO Platform

Provides historical and predictive viewership data analysis

Tools of the Trade

Using GfK MRI, comScore TV, Nielsen and others, we ensure your performance is backed by industry-leading sources.

Highly Focused Insights

We give advertisers the edge by providing data-driven analytics, visibility and verification at scale.

How We Do It

Cadent Data-Driven plans provide advertisers with a highly targeted cable television media proposal designed to effectively reach the audience most likely to respond to marketing messaging.


Cadent employs TV audience data from Nielsen and comScore TV combined with GfK MRI and other data sets for use in defining audience segments more effectively and efficiently. Cadent then utilizes our proprietary Maestro Tech Platform to develop a cost-efficient, targeted media plan designed to meet an advertiser’s objectives.
  • Nielsen

    The traditional standard in TV audience measurement, Nielsen provides age/gender data. Nielsen’s sample size is 45,000+ HHs, which is projected out to 119.6 million total TV Households in the U.S.
  • comScore TV

    comScore TV is a TV audience measurement competitor to Nielsen. We use it to fuse GfK MRI coding data with TV audience estimates. comScore TV measures 52 million televisions across 22.4 million HHs and is projected out to 112.1 million national households.
  • GfK MRI

    Provides data on product/service users and usage, psychographics (Roper Lifematrix), and determines the best television opportunities based on target audience attributes.
  • Cadent's Exclusive MAESTRO Data

  • Cadent's Proprietary Predictive Viewership Data

  • Cadent's Algorithmic Clearance Patterns



The Survey of the American Consumer® is the source book of all GfK MRI data in each wave of the survey. All information is collected from a single set of respondents, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

Doublebase Study

48,000+ sample size; consists of four “waves” of data (2 Spring studies combined), each with a sample size of over 12,000.

The survey provides a detailed view of the 244 million adult consumers in the U.S., including media choices, demographics, lifestyles/attitudes and usage of over 6,500 products in nearly 600 categories.

  • Roper Values by GfK Roper Consulting
    Examines the personal values of American adults, including personal values and activities, and contrasts them with the responses to a series of activities-related questions. Integrated with GfK MRI measures.

comScore TV

TV Essentials: comScore TV Essentials collects daily TV viewing behavior from more than 52 million set-top boxes (STBs) and offers second-by-second performance metrics to demonstrate real viewer behavior for broadcast, cable, high-definition, video-on-demand and digital cable television content. comScore TV is a viable TV audience measurement competitor to Nielsen, measuring far more households and networks.

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Cadent's Analytics Portal

Cadent provides advertisers with in-depth analytics across a variety of media and marketing criteria.

This offers valuable insights and ROI for your media investment.

This password protected dashboard will allow you to review an array of data points to enhance your media performance.

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